Charles Komanoff


Traffic Justice: A Prospectus

The National Center for Bicycling and Walking commissioned me to write this paper to explore a "justice-based path" to overturn "the profoundly wrong-headed road regime of contemporary America."

I completed the paper in December 2004, but only put it on the Web this month. Unaccountability in traffic crashes has been entrenched for decades, so the critique in the paper hardly needs updating. Hopefully, the ideas here point toward solutions.

To discuss these ideas and put them into action, the Center has scheduled a special all-day "Traffic Justice Institute" at its biennial Pro Walk / Pro Bike conference in Madison, WI, on Sept. 5. I'll be facilitating. I hope to see you there.

-- C.K., June 20, 2006

Traffic Justice: A Prospectus (PDF)