Charles Komanoff


Wind Power: The Anti-Fossil Fuel

Most pieces here were composed as appeals to "environmentalists," both real and self-professed, to support rather than obstruct specific, actual wind power projects on alleged ecological or "visual" intrusion grounds. The most eloquent is my long-form article for Orion magazine from 2006. The most acerbic is my Providence Journal 2003 op-ed lambasting the Kennedy family for obstructing the Cape Wind project. The most poetic, in which I invoke the legacy of the late great champion of wildness David Brower, is my 2005 Albany Times Union op-ed. Links to each are directly below.

I largely withdrew from this arena after co-founding the Carbon Tax Center in late 2006. I still believe with every fibre of my being in the necessity of siting, building and operating large numbers of large-scale wind and solar power projects. -- C.K.

"Whither Wind? A Journey Through the Heated Debate Over Wind Power," feature article in Orion Magazine (Sept/Oct 2006)

Op-ed, "In The Wind" (pondering an Adirondacks wind project through David Brower's eyes) (Albany Times Union, Sept. 18, 2005)

"Bixby's Landing" (the Robinson Jeffers poem excerpted in the Albany Times Union op-ed)

Op-ed, "Even Wind Power Can't Be Invisible" (Providence Journal, June 6, 2003)

Letter to Riverkeeper director Alex Matthiessen, decrying Riverkeeper founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr's obstruction of wind power projects, May 2003

Open letter #2 to environmentalists on behalf of the Cape Wind project, Jan. 2003

Open letter #1 to environmentalists on behalf of the Cape Wind project, Dec. 2002

Op-ed, "Wind power's benefits outweigh risks to scenery" (Hill Country Observer, 2005)

Letter to academician and anti-wind blogger Stanley Fish, Sept. 2007

Op-ed, "Wind Power Works" (Berkshire Eagle, Jan. 8, 2005)

Correspondence w/ prominent windpower opponent Eleanor Tillinghast, in which she refuses to support her claim that wind turbines will not reduce fossil fuel dependence, Fall 2004 (PDF)

Brief PowerPoint (just 5 slides) summarizing data and policy issues pertaining to U.S. wind power. Presented at May 2012 panel discussion on offshore (Atlantic Coast) wind power.

Non-technical paper rebutting notion that wind turbines displace little or no fossil fuels, April, 2009