Charles Komanoff


Oil, Before & After 9/11

[Also see previous page, Fossil Fuels and Earth's Climate, particularly links to Carbon Tax Center and a compilation of my 2006-2008 columns on Grist. -- CK]

Ending the Oil Age -- My visionary 2002 blueprint for the U.S. to achieve large-scale "overnight" oil savings after 9/11

Energy Taxes - Rebutting the Myths (PDF)

PowerPoint presentation on the indispensability of carbon taxes (2006)

My review of Daniel Yergin's book, THE PRIZE: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power, published in NRDC's Amicus Journal (1991)

"Soft Energy Stasis" - A Compatriot Critiques Amory Lovins (Fall 2005)

My Letter in American Prospect (2002) critiquing the Lovinses on oil conservation

How Many Barrels (PDF) - a dialogue with Amory Lovins on proper "crediting" of gasoline savings

My Feb. 2000 op-ed in Washington Post (with Michael Smith), "Refueling OPEC"

"To Move Mountains, Fix Markets -- An Economist's Agenda for Sustainable NYC" (2006)

U.S. Gasoline Usage (Excel Spreadsheet)