Charles Komanoff


Charles Komanoff is widely known for his work as an energy-policy analyst, transport economist and environmental activist in New York City. He “re-founded” NYC’s bike-advocacy group Transportation Alternatives in the 1980s, co-founded the pedestrian-rights group Right Of Way in the 1990s, and wrote or edited the landmark reports Subsidies for Traffic, The Bicycle Blueprint, and Killed By Automobile. Earlier, Komanoff gained prominence for deconstructing the disastrous economics of nuclear power in the United States as author-researcher and expert witness for states and municipalities across the U.S. He wrote his visionary oil-saving report, Ending The Oil Age, after witnessing at close range the traumatic events of 9/11.

Komanoff was a prime mover in the campaign that passed a congestion pricing plan for New York City, both as creator of the spreadsheet model used by state government and transit advocates to evaluate different toll plans, and as advocate for the idea of balancing transit investment with traffic-pricing. He also directs the Carbon Tax Center, a clearinghouse for information, research and advocacy on behalf of robust and transparent carbon pricing to address the climate crisis. A math-and-economics graduate of Harvard and father of two grown sons, Komanoff lives with his wife in lower Manhattan.

11 Hanover Square
21st Floor
NYC 10005